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Monthly Archives: October 2014

The first time I met George Galindo was at his tattoo studio, House of Pain, in El Paso TX. It was in 2011 and I knew that he ran a top notch tattoo studio. His name and his business kept coming up every time I mentioned the tattoo industry. I was looking for local businesses to exhibit at the Deals 4 Soldiers Expo on Ft. Bliss for the local military community and I… Read More

YOU need to remember names to make more sales! I can’t stress how important this one little thing can be. Believe me, I’ve made the big mistake of NOT remembering the name of a person I just met two short minutes ago. I ended up calling the person ‘guy or ‘bud’ all night because I was too embarrassed to ask him his name again. You know you’ve done it… People, in general,… Read More

How do you take full advantage of meeting a person in business for the very first time? In other words, ‘How do you make a good first impression? Remember, in the sales process, the most important thing you ‘sell’ before anything else is, YOU. The prospect has to ‘buy’ and trust you first before anything else happens… If this first ‘law’ of sales is broken in the beginning of the sales process,… Read More

You might be wondering why I named this blog Success Rocket? Answer: I want you, the reader, the subscriber, to come away with information that you can apply immediately and be successful quickly – like a rocket! Definition of a Rocket: A rocket is a missile, spacecraft, aircraft or other vehicle that obtains thrust from a rocket engine. Rockets are relatively lightweight and powerful, capable of generating large accelerations and of attaining… Read More

How often do you make a goal and don’t achieve it? How many New Year’s resolutions did you make and gave up accomplishing them by the end of the first week? I’ve been there and done that! What a waste of time. You’ve probably heard this, but it’s worth repeating.” A goal without an end date is just a dream”. Don’t be a dreamer. I mean, be a dreamer, but a dreamer… Read More

Are you in Sales? Does your business require that you sell to earn a living? Did you choose this profession or did it choose you? That’s an easy question for me to answer: I fell into it. But, thank GOD I did. I can’t imagine myself doing anything else for a living. When I first got into ‘outside’ sales I had no clue what I was doing and it took me awhile… Read More

Welcome to my new blog! I’m very excited to be sharing some very exciting things with you in the near future. Including sales strategies, and marketing concepts for small to large businesses. I will also be interviewing some very influential business leaders from El Paso, the surrounding area, and from across the country… My hope is to try to reach as many people in sales and business as possible. So, with your… Read More