Social Media: Playing ‘Catch-Up’ is a Terrible Strategy

In everything you do in life, you have choices. You get to choose if you want to get a college degree, what kind of work you want to do for a living, and what type of life you want to lead.

And these choices you make and how you do things will determine the outcome of your life. Once you’ve made a decision there will be ways or better said, strategies, in how you accomplish the most out of your decisions.

‘Getting behind’ or better yet, playing catch-up is a terrible strategy for succeeding in life. In whatever you are doing, especially your professional life, you don’t want to get caught in a position where you or your business is getting left behind.

An example of this would be NOT participating in social media! If you’re in business YOU need to be on some sort of social media platform, to reach the masses.

I’ve heard the argument that if you’re on social media, you expose yourself to people writing and giving you bad reviews. HUH? Whether you have a Facebook or Twitter account or not, if someone is going to speak negatively about you or not, is irrelevant. Why? Because it’s going to happen anyways, and you can’t stop it from happening.

What you can do is, maintain a social media platform to counter the negative. If someone says something bad about you on Facebook, then you can respond on Facebook or Twitter, or Instagram etc. to make your point about a certain situation or at the very least, acknowledge that something went wrong and you’re going to try to remedy the situation.

In today’s world of social media you cannot be an ostrich and keep your head buried in the sand. People are going to post negative things every once and awhile. This should not be a reason to sit out on the social media boom. You’re missing out!

Here are some recent statistics about social media: According to (2014)

*Mobile devices will increasingly play an important role, considering more than 60% the population access social media content using them.

*Microvideo: this type of content, will be on the same level as pictures and will become more and more popular thanks to the 15-second demonstration by Instagram and then with Vine, introduced by Twitter.

*Social Selling: sale through social networks since they are considered part of the new sales model. Since the web has turned social organizations adapted their processes so as to seize this channel and along with that comes customer service within these platforms

*93% of marketers use social networks for business (= being on social networks is no longer an option but an obligation).

  • 70% of brands are already on Google + (= it’s the main factor of any SEO strategy, if you want to be found you need to be on G+)
  • 34% of marketers have been able to sell successfully via Twitter.
  • Facebook, Twitter and G+ are the most used 3 platforms for business and marketers.

*In the USA the time used in social media every hour is of 15 minutes.

*71% of social media users access these via mobile devices to social networks.

*23% of Facebook users access their accounts, at least, 5 times a day…

*Twitter grew 44% comparing it to last year, which makes it the social network with the highest growth, leaving behind  Google + with 33% and Facebook is the last one on the list, as its fan base only grew  23% between 2012-2013.

Question: Are you still not participating or putting your business on social media? Why not? I want to know.

Bob Theriot is the author of the book ‘Pounding The Pavement’ – Tools, Techniques and Inspiration for Succeeding in Sales. He is also a Gitomer Certified Advisor, which authorizes him to sell and deliver Jeffrey Gitomer’s body of work both online and in the classroom. Bob was trained personally by Jeffrey himself. To hire Bob to conduct the YES! Attitude Workshop for your staff or for more information, tips and advice from Bob email: You can also visit his website at


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