You Are what Google says you Are!

Have you ever needed a product or service and Googled the company, before deciding to buy from them? Sure you have! Everyone has!

If you own or manage a business you need to be aware that potential customers are researching you. They’re probably using Google, and they are looking for reviews. They want to hear the experience others have had with you.

Potential customers are looking for 5 Star Reviews.

Businesses must have good reviews to compete online… Why?

Answer: Because, what most businesses are doing right now isn’t working anymore.

If you’re spending money on SEO, social media, pay per click, Google maps, local directories, and you’re ignoring your online reputation, it’s probably not going to work.

Your businesses online reputation is directly tied to all of your other advertising efforts.


If your advertising efforts, online or even offline gets someone’s attention, and they decide to Google you, they better find between 6 and 10 good reviews about you. That’s the average amount of good reviews it takes for a prospect to call you.

If not, they are more likely to move on to a business that does have good reviews.

You may say, “Bob, I already have a company that manages my online reputation. So I’m good.”

No, you’re not. Reputation management doesn’t make you any money. Reputation marketing does!

You need to harness the power of your good reviews and put them to work for you. You can spend all the money in the world telling others how great your business is, but the real truth is: When you say something good about your own company, it’s bragging. When someone else says something good about you, it’s proof.

Here are some compelling statistics to consider when it comes to online marketing:

  • 72% of buyers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations
  • After being referred a business 87% of people search online to find the company information
  • After being referred a business 52% of people look for online reviews.

A take-away for YOU: To have success with online marketing for your business, first you should build a five star reputation, and then market you reputation to get more customers.

Bob Theriot is a local marketing advisor and helps business of all sizes increase their customer base. Owner of Success Rocket Marketing, Author, Sales Trainer, Blogger, and a Gitomer Certified Advisor, Bob can help you and your sales team WIN with the best sales training in the world! For more information about Bob visit or contact him at:


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