You’re going to have HATERS! (The 7 Point Hater Cycle)

You’re going to have HATERS once you start doing the things that other people won’t. Once you decide to change yourself for the better, you are going to receive criticism. It’s human nature. Let’s face it. Most people have a jealous streak in them and you are not immune to it.

And that criticism will start turning to HATE, once the lid blows off whatever it is you’re doing and you start becoming successful. Don’t get me wrong. NOT everyone is jealous and not everyone has it in for you.

In fact, for the 50% of the people that HATE you, or are jealous of you, there is the other 50% that absolutely love you. They are your tribe and will buy into you and everything you do.

These are the people you want to focus in on.

You can’t have any sort of success in life without a hater or two. I don’t care what it is you’re doing in life. Once you start garnishing attention in your marketplace, people will start taking notice.

Remember this: You will never ever make everyone happy. But, that’s okay. Keep doing what you’re doing and everything will fall into place.

The 7 Point HATER Cycle:

  1.  People will not YOU even know you exist.
  2. You start making noise in your marketplace.
  3. People take notice.
  4. People (Your competitors) will start criticizing you.
  5. YOU become even more successful.
  6. YOU start getting the HATERS.
  7. You reach the level of success you always wanted!

Bob Theriot is a local marketing advisor and helps business of all sizes increase their customer base. Owner of Success Rocket Marketing, Author, Sales Trainer, Blogger, and a Gitomer Certified Advisor, Bob can help you and your sales team WIN with the best sales training in the world! For more information about Bob visit or contact him at:


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