This blog is for YOU! The salesperson or business person who has to sell a product or service to make a living. I don’t want you to just carve out a living in this profession. I want you to succeed in a big way! Like a rocket shooting up into space…

So, join me here often as I write about sales, marketing, branding, social media and everything in between. I will also be interviewing some very successful business people along the way, as they share their wisdom with you, to help you succeed!

I’m a Gitomer Certified Advisor, Sales trainer, marketer, author and best of all, Dad to my teenage son, Tyler! I help people exceed their sales goals, increase productivity, make more money and WIN at business & life!

I conduct classroom workshops on personal development, sales,attitude, customer service, and networking:


1.‘The Little Red Book of Selling’

2. YES! Attitude

3. Customer Loyalty

4.‘The Little Black Book of Networking’

I also manage your sales team’s online training via Gitomer Virtual Training.

I’m the author of the book, ‘Pounding The Pavement’ – Tools, Techniques, & Inspiration for Succeeding in Sales. Contributing author for AGRR Magazine and the monthly column ‘Sidelites’.

bookBob Theriot

visit my website at http://www.BobTheriot.com


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