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jeff & me picAs a Gitomer Certified Advisor, I offer you the best sales training on the planet. How do you know it’s the best? Because it’s based on the best-selling books and proven strategies by Jeffrey Gitomer. If you want to get more out of your salespeople, improve their attitude, and make more sales, our classroom courses and online training give you everything you need to make it happen. Not only can I get you started, I will facilitate your onsite classroom courses and manage your online training system for your entire team.

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The Little Red Book of Selling

The top selling sales book of all time comes alive in this full day course that produces business people – not salespeople – who can build profitable relationships using ideas and value instead of outdated tricks and tactics.

The Little Black Book of Connections

Higher revenue begins with your team’s ability to network and connect with creativity and confidence. Give them the systems, ideas, and skills they need to grow relationships and earn referrals quickly.

The Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude

A pep talk lasts a day – a YES! Attitude lasts a lifetime. Invest in your people, not just your program, by fostering a team of self-driven superstars who are consistently happy, pumped up, and performing at the top of their game.

Customer Satisfaction is Worthless, Customer Loyalty is Priceless

The definitive course on Customer Service. Shift your team’s paradigm forever on how they see and serve your customers. The outcome of this course can be summed up in three words – “customers for life.”

“Bringing The Little Red Book of Selling to life in the Gitomer full-day classroom course was great for our company! It challenged us to move outside of our comfort zone and made a lasting impact on the entire team. It’s a huge advantage over our competitors and an essential element of our ongoing sales training process.”
– Donna Sanborn, Sales Development Coordinator at Facility Dude

Online Training                        Gitomer-VT-logo

Take control of your team’s learning with a library of online books and engaging webinars that cover the full range of topics your team must master to move your sales climate from frozen to red hot. Jeffrey delivers the full content of 12 of his books with the right amount of edge and energy to keep your team coming back for more. His catalog of over two dozen webinars targets critical personal and business development topics that provide ongoing support, inspiration, and ideas to sustain your team’s success trajectory.

What’s next? Contact me, Bob Theriot, today for answers and to schedule a Gitomer Classroom Course for your team.
Email or call 915-253-8491 or visit my website


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